Oil Change & Inspection(s)

Your car’s life expectancy and reliability depends on having your oil changed according to manufacturer’s recommendation. Motor oil becomes contaminated with dust, metal shavings and antifreeze as it works at keeping the valves and pistons in your car’s engine lubricated and moving smoothly. Your cars motor oil can turn to sludge and begin plugging passage ways which in turn can cause engine failure. At the same time you should replace the oil filter – oil filters keep getting smaller and smaller and have very little room for storing the contaminated products cleaned from the oil.


An oil change should encompass more than just changing your oil and filter. This is a good time to have your vehicle checked for safety and reliability – make sure all lights work, the suspension and tires are okay, and there are no leaks and all fluids are topped off. Find out the condition of your vehicle so you can pan on repairs rather than having an emergency breakdown.


Why change your motor oil at Rich’s Auto Center?

Not only does Rich’s Auto Center change the oil & filter – we also perform a complete vehicle inspection – including:

Under the hood – we check belts and hoses, load test your battery, and check your coolant protection level. We also check the condition of all fluids and make sure they are topped off.

Under the vehicle – we check for leaks that you should be made aware of. We check steering & suspension – ball joints, tie rods, shocks and struts; condition of tires and rims and air all tires including spare, and check exhaust system.

Safety Related Items – We also check all lights and replace bulbs as needed and lube doors and hinges to keep your doors from squeaking.

All findings are noted as recommendations and we can give you estimates so you can plan on repairs rather than having emergency concerns.