Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

In this day and age, with life moving so quickly, it is no surprise that car maintenance is slipping car owner’s minds regularly. Their focus is on paying the monthly bills, sometimes forgetting the cost that will come from not keeping the family vehicle maintained. Many recent polls and proper-vehicle-maintenancestudies have all shown the same statistics: people are keeping their cars longer, and the average age of vehicles currently in the USA is around eleven years old. That said, it is important to keep your vehicles maintained, and by a reputable company or technician doing the work.

Improper care and neglect of your vehicle can result in a wide array of issues, ranging from minor and growing quickly to major. In an online article, Tony Molla, the vice president of communications for the nonprofit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) said, “It’s tempting to avoid car maintenance in tough economic times, but that’s not a financially sound method to manage the big investment you’ve made in your vehicle.”

Poorly aligned tires, or rubbing breaks, may begin as small issues, and if treated quickly, will cause little harm. However, leaving these issues go too long can cause permanent damage to the entire drive system of the vehicle. Many people can fix these more basic issues with their owner’s manual and some time. However, if time is an issue, you’ll need a mechanic you can count on. Here at Rich’s Auto Center, we can do your car tune-ups, as well as diagnose future issues with your vehicle as we are ASE certified.

Being ASE certified allows us to be capable of performing the easiest oil change or tire pressure checks, to engine and transmission repair, or diesel maintenance. ASE certification shows that we strive for the highest knowledge, work excellence, and customer service. To become a certified ASE technician, those in our industry are tested on certain competencies within each technicality.

ASE requires that these tests are taken regularly, to keep the certification in place. This is done at one of 40 secure test centers, with over 80 different tests on a myriad of technicalities. If a technician passes one test, and then fulfills the two year work agreement requirements, they earn the “ASE-Certified” title. Those workers who pass many of the tests, and fulfill their experience requirement, then earn the title of “Master Technician.”

Always look for vehicle maintenance shops that carry the blue and white ASE logo sticker, like we do at Rich’s Auto Center. You can also check the ASE certified technician’s credentials and their area of specialty too. Many times, truly ASE certified technicians’ certificates will be posted or hung by their employers, showing that they follow the “blue seal of excellence” with their work quality.